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4.7 stars | 38 reviews
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Our Story

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Joe Pewitt headshot

Joe Pewitt

Owner & Operator

Joe is the owner and operator of Guthrie Scrap Yard, a family-owned junkyard. When he started the business in 2010, he processed his materials in our garage at home and hauled his materials to be sold in a cattle trailer. As our business grew, we operated from a few different locations but could not seem to find the perfect spot to open a scrapyard. After much prayer and persistence, the Lord opened an opportunity for us to purchase the property where we are now located, and Joe’s dream of owning his own scrapyard was fulfilled.

Austin Westerman headsot

Joe Pewitt

Co-Owner & Operator

Joe’s son, Austin, worked part-time for Guthrie Scrap Yard until he graduated college. In 2018, he joined our business full-time. Austin has operated and managed every aspect of the business and is now co-owner and operator of Guthrie Scrap Yard.

Hannah Pewitt headshot

Hannah Pewitt

Scale Operator/Office Manager

Hannah, Joe’s wife, worked part-time in Guthrie Scrap Yard since the beginning but continued her career as a registered nurse until July 2021, when she joined our business full-time as the scale operator/office manager.

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4.7 stars | 38 reviews
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